Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach out through your normal Lever support channel - we will route any API related questions to the appropriate team.

API General

What is the difference between the Lever API and Postings API?

The Postings API is a publicly accessible API that provides access to your company's published job postings; it is often used to set up a custom jobs page. The Lever API, in contrast, requires authentication to access and provides access to all your account data. You can also access postings through the Lever API, but it is much more flexible. In addition to published postings, you can retrieve internal, closed, and draft postings.

How do I get an API Key?

A Super Admin can generate an API Key under their integrations page. Select the desired endpoints from the list of all our endpoints. If you are looking to build a partner integration part of the process will be setting up a temporary sandbox account, where you can get an API Key.


Does the archive encompass all candidates that have been either rejected or somehow stopped the interview process?

Accounts have many archive reasons, one of which is always Hired. All other archive reasons provide granular insight into the reasons why a candidate was rejected.


Can notes be updated?

No, notes cannot be directly updated. Instead, remove the note and add again with the changes.


How do I choose a user to 'perform as' when creating an opportunity

When creating an opportunity, the posting that opportunity will be tied to has both an owner and a hiring manager that will include the user ID.


Are stages customized by each company?

Stages are defined by each company we work with. Except for three stages: New Applicant and New Lead at the beginning of each pipeline, and Offer at the end of each pipeline. There's also one archive reason that is common to all accounts: Hired. Any other archive reason besides Hired means that a candidate was rejected.


How do I add global tags to a Lever account?

Tags cannot be added directly to the global list of Lever accounts. If your integration depends on users adding tags from a long list, tags can be added to the global list by creating a placeholder general opportunity that includes all the tags your integration will depend on.

Are tags customized by each company?

Tags are custom and we don't have specific oversight over the tags that our customers create. Nevertheless, we do have Sources built into the app, and there are some sources that are automatically built into each Lever account to track candidate origins.

What characters can tags contain and is there a character limit?

Tags can contain all printable keyboard characters, a-zA-Z0-9,\.<>?;':""/\\{}\|`~!@#\$%\^&\*()-_=\+]*)$ and space. There is no character limit on tags, but they are most effective when they are short, easily digestible terms. If you'd like to include long strings of information consider using notes.

Can tags be updated?

No, tags cannot be directly updated. Instead remove the tag and add again with the changes.

What happens if tags are deleted?

If a tag is removed from the main list in the settings page, it is also removed from all opportunities.

Include your company name at the beginning of all your tags to ensure they are unique to you. For example "Lever Check Completed"